1988 Star Beauty

This was my 1988 model quad Star Beauty, key of "C", from Star Concertina in Chicago.  The original owner had traded it in on a new Star Old-timer model.  I purchased it used from Star in 1996.  In September 2001, I sold it to Doug Busch of Ferndale MI.     This concertina is "Chicago tuned" with waved reeds.


1952 Star Streamline

This was my 1952 model quad Star Streamline, key of "Bb".  I purchased it used from Accordions and Concertinas in Burnsville Minnesota in 1993, and traded it in to Star Concertina in Chicago in 1996 for my 1988 Star Beauty.  It is "Minnesota tuned" with no tremolo.  Note the curved corners verses the cut corner style.


1964 Hengel's

This is my 1964 Hengel;'s Concertina.  This was the last Hengel's Concertina made by Christy Hengel in Wasceca Minnesota before he moved to New Ulm. It was manufactured for Fay Gettinger of Green Bay Wisconsin. later owned by Boots Muelbauer, Cletus Gobirsch, and Joyce Smeija of he Jolly Fishermen.  It is a quad in the key of "C" and is Minnesota tuned.





Star_140_Key.jpg (22894 bytes)

This unusual Star concertina has 70 buttons, or 140 tones. The size of this box is 12"deep X 13" high X 15 long. It has 5 Switches on treble side - 3 on bass side. It is in the Key of Bb and was built in 1979.  

wolfe.jpg (25039 bytes)

This is a Wolfe quad in the Key of "C" made by Anton Wolfe in Stephens Point Wisconsin


The following Concertina Photos are courtesy of Loren Schaeffler of  Lafayette, Minnesota.  Most of these photos are of Concertinas in Christy Hengels collection.


1960's Brown

This is a Brown quadruple reed concertina manufactured by Bill Brown of Brown's Music Store in New Ulm, Minnesota. It was built in the late 1960's.
This instrument belongs to David Suess of New Ulm.  Loren Schaeffler installed a midi system in this concertina.


1937 Patek Deluxe

This is a picture of Elmer Scheid's Patek Deluxe that he bought new in October of 1937. This is probably the best Chemnitzer concertina ever built.   It's reeds were made by John Friedl, who made the finest concertina reeds ever produced.


1925 Lange

This is a 1925 Lange quadruple reed concertina made in Germany. Unlike other Chemnitzer concertina's, Lange concertina's had the opening for the air valve on the back side of the concertina. Most others have the air valve cutout on the front of the melody side bellow frame.





1939 Pearl Queen

This is Whoopee John Wilfahrt's 1939 Pearl Queen Low Triple

echo_of_Butch_Herrmann.jpg (20397 bytes)

This Echo belongs to Virgil "Butch" Herrmann of Belle Plaine, MN. The concertina was built in 1985 by Stan Uhlir of Minneapolis. It's a B-flat quad with long plate reeds.

This is  the first concertina that Christy Hengel made. It was built in 1957 in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota and is now owned by Ed-Vern Black of Fairfax, Minnesota.  Donnie Klossner from rural New Ulm Minnesota was its first owner. It is a 'Key of C' and is an excellent sounding and playing concertina.

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